Victor Harbor Art Show

The gigantic marquee appearing on Warland Reserve at the beginning of January marks the upcoming Victor Harbor Art Show, which celebrated its 41st year this year, in 2020.

Victor Harbor Art Show 2021

We are pleased to announce that the 42nd Award winning Victor Harbor Art Show will be held at Warland Reserve (adjacent to the Causeway ) in Victor Harbor, SA 5211 from Saturday 9 January 2021 to Saturday 16 January 2021.

The opening preview night will take place on Friday 8 January 2021 and more details will follow shortly…

You can have a look at the artworks that was exhibited at this years show at Preview Gallery and see a list of the winners below.

We look forward to bringing you the 42nd Victor Harbor Art Show in January 2021.

Victor Harbor Art Prize – “Best of Show” Winner Receives TBC

Total Prize Money  $TBC

Opening Times: 9:30am to 8:30pm

The 42nd Annual Victor Harbor Art Show will commences with a Ticketed Preview Event on Friday 8th January 2021.

It then opens to the public from Saturday 9th January 2021 to Saturday 16th January 20210, daily from 9.30am to 8.30pm

Entry Cost

Adults $8.00, Children under 16 years of age free

Key Dates for Artists

  • Friday 2nd October 2020 – Entries open
  • Monday 30th November 2020 – Entries close
  • Wednesday 11th December 2021 – Artists notified of those entries accepted
  • Friday TBC – Latest date for freighted artworks to be received c/- SMP Chartered Accountants, 163 Hindmarsh Road, Victor Harbor SA 5211
  • Monday 4th January 2021 – Artworks are to be delivered to Art Show marquee, Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm
  • Sunday 17th January 2021 – Unsold artworks are to be collected from Art Show marquee, Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm 
  • Payment to artists for sold artworks – within two weeks from the end of the Art Show

Key Dates for the Public

  • Friday 4th December 2020 – Preview Event tickets go on sale
  • 4.30 pm Friday 8th January 2021 – Preview Event
  • Saturday 9th January 2021 to Saturday 16th January 2021 – Art Show open from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm
  • Sunday 17th January 2021 – Purchased artworks are to be collected from Art Show marquee, Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm 

For more details regarding the up-coming Art Show please visit our dedicated Victor Harbor Art Show website at:


2021 Victor Harbor Art Show AWARDS SPONSORSHIP

The Acquisitive and Corporate Sponsors contribute to the Art Show prizes and form an integral part of the Victor Harbor Art Show, which offers one of the largest art show prizes in Australia!

The successful artist wins in cash the full value of the award, with no sales commission withheld by the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor.

The Corporate Award contributes to the Corporate Prize valued at $12,500 and the winning Corporate Sponsor shall have the naming rights to the Art Show.

Acquisitive Award Sponsorship

Up to 10 Acquisitive Awards sponsorships are available each Art Show.

Acquisitive Sponsors will get a painting to the value of their sponsorship.

The package includes:

  • Select a painting – up to the value of sponsorship (as per selection by the Judge)
  • Priority Buying Number – Priority buying number for Sponsors Night
  • Sponsors Night – Gala Sponsors Night for 2 that is held in the marquee on the Thursday night prior to the Preview Night. All sponsors can buy artworks of their choice (in priority buying number order) before selling to the general public the following day. Food and wine are included.
  • Advertising – signage within the marquee.
    Categories of Sponsorship available – (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze are all classed as acquisitive)

Corporate Award Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsor – $5,000 (plus gst)
Gold Sponsor – $2,500 (plus gst)
Silver Sponsor – $1,250 (plus gst)
Bronze Sponsor – $750 (plus gst)

50 Businesses are invited to support The Victor Harbor Art Show with Corporate Sponsorship. This underpins the Corporate Prize which is a non-acquisitive prize that is chosen by the judge to be the best artwork in the show. The winning artist receives $12,500.

Corporate Award Sponsorship ( Cont.)

The package includes:

Naming rights Dinner– each year a new Corporate Sponsor is drawn out at Sponsors Naming Rights Dinner where a meal for 2 is provided. The winning business name is included in the title of the Victor Harbor Art Show as well as appearing on entry forms, website, social media, in the marquee and at various locations wherever the Art Show is advertised.

John Mowling & the Team at LJ Hooker Victor Harbor won the naming rights to the 2020 Victor Harbor Art Show.

Priority Buying Numbers – drawn at the Naming Rights Dinner giving sponsors a priority buying number for the chance to purchase a painting of their choice at Sponsors Night. Buying numbers start after the Acquisitive Sponsors.

Sponsors Night – Gala Sponsors Night for 2 that is held in the marquee on the Thursday night prior to the Preview Night. All sponsors can buy artworks of their choice (in priority buying number order) before selling to the general public the following day. Food and wine are included.

Advertising – business logo on website, social media and in the marquee Cost is $385 (plus GST)

Junior Awards The Junior Award is an encouragement award for artists under 18. The awards are art materials to the value of the award. The categories of sponsorship are based on the value of the sponsorship. The painting awarded carries the sponsor name and logo during the Art Show.

Categories are: Gold Sponsor – $250 (plus GST) -2 available
Silver Sponsor – $150 (plus GST) – 4 available
Bronze Sponsor – $100 (plus GST) – 4 available

Thank you for supporting this wonderful community event.

All enquiries please call Karen Green on 0433397859 or email

The Winner of this year’s Victor Harbor Art Show

Artist – JAN BROWN

The day my heater blew up and other things – By Jan Brown – Winner of the Top Prize – $12,500 in January 2020


Judges Notes

This is a quiet work. A selection of objects. A still-life

At first look I was struck by the artists sense of humour. The broken fan… artists often work next to a strategically positioned heater – to save cost, but also due to the nature of an artists studio space – they are often freezing.

As our eye is lead around the composition from one object to the next, we start to form an idea of the type of person who owns this studio. We have been invited into the artists space. The studio. it is a personal space and also a space of vulnerability.  In everyday life, the objects we surround ourselves with become part of who we are, and in a way, can create a form of self-portrait.

Objects that are important to us are not just recalled as a photograph in our mind, we have memories of holding, using and moving around them. The composition of this work does not rely on traditional two point perspective. Instead it echoes this sense of moving in and around objects. It relates the sensation of focusing on an object with precise clarity then it becomes vague as we move away. This is expressed through areas of technical virtuosity (and I encourage you to look at Jan’s other works) that melt into the hazy abstraction of memory. The eye is lead around the canvas in a circular motion – resting on objects, and then invited to the next one – never getting bored, but also not visually overwhelmed.

As we look at the objects, the fan on the bottom right hand corner exhales a last puff of smoke. There is also a phone with a cracked screen, and flowers from a previous still life are starting to wilt. This is a world falling apart. Things break or fall apart and sometimes we feel helpless. But this composition holds this crumbling world together. It holds its integrity.

The purple colour in the smoke from the fan is echoed in the background glazes. There is a wonderful complexity to the layering of paint – some areas of almost exposed canvas contrasting with areas of deep luminosity.

At the centre of the composition is the artists palette. The centre of the artists world and is an object imbued with endless potential. (and I love the splash of blue on the pallet that melts down into the shadows of the green vase)

This still life tells a story of hope, when sometimes hope seems difficult. A sentiment that can resonate with us all at this time.

It is a fascinating and brave painting.  I encourage you all to spend some time with it. And I would like to congratulate Jan on her wonderful achievement.

Yvonne East – Judge – 2020 Victor Harbor Art Show

The Award Winning Sculpture for 2020 – Australian Rain By Juanita Pohl

Rotarian Anthony Lang (Cookie) and his sister, Bridget, seen here preparing the most amazing grazing table for the Preview Night January 2020.

Art work at the 2020 Art Show.
A selection of the art work exhibited at this years 2020 Art Show.

A Big ‘Thank You BBQ’ was held for all the volunteers who made this year’s Victor Harbor Art Show 2020 such a huge success. – May 2020

About the Victor Harbor Art Show

The Victor Harbor Art Show is a very special annual event organised by Victor Harbor Rotary, and it continues to grow in strength and popularity year after year. This year was Victor Harbor Rotary’s 41st Art Show and it has become an integral part of the culture of Victor Harbor and many people look forward each year to the event.

The Art Show is Australia’s largest outdoor art exhibition. It continues to break all records, with the sales of artwork in excess of $300,000, over 10,000 people attending the event over nine days viewing in excess of 1,600 paintings on display.

The Art Show is held in a marquee on Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor, SA during January each year during the towns’ peak tourism period. Over 300 paintings are couriered from interstate, recognising the event as a highly regarded art exhibition.

 The benefits of a show such as this are varied and many. Not only have raised over $1.5 million dollars for local, national and overseas projects, and we have given many artists the opportunity to display their talents and sell their work.  The growing success of the Art Show can be attributed to the continuing support of our sponsors, volunteers, artists, The City of Victor Harbor and the local community. Such a large undertaking would not be possible without our sponsors.

A selection of Artwork from our 2020 Art Show.

Visitors to the Art Show enjoy viewing the many paintings and sculptures on show at this years record exhibits of over 1,300 entries.