President Marty Alsford, President Elect Julie Irwin and Past President Mark Cox at the Changeover Dinner – July 2019

Join Rotary and the more than 1.2 million members who are actively changing lives locally and internationally. Just our club alone has a long history of serving the community here in Victor Harbor, South Australia which goes back to the club’s inauguration in 1947.

Today we are proud to have over 55 active members. A good mix of men and women, young and old who all bring a wide variety of talents with them. This enables us to work successfully to complete many diverse projects, events and activities throughout the year.

Take a look through this website and read about the projects our members are involved with and if any interest you then why not come along to a meeting and see if Rotary could be part of your life too.

Club Members

The heart of our club is our members, dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Rotary members share ideas, make plans, hear from the community, and catch up with friends during club meetings that fuel the impact we make.

The Rotary year runs from July 2019 to June 2020 and each new year brings a new club president and he or she then elects the club board members whose job it is to help the president during their year of office. The structure of Rotary also includes Committees which work on projects and fundraising activities throughout the year. Raised funds are given to worthy causes both locally, nationally and overseas.

Club Structure

President Marty Alsford
Past President
Mark Cox
President Elect
Julie Irwin
Secretary David Elliott
Treasurer Helen Parsons
Risk Management and Insurance David Taggart
Rotary Foundation John Cunningham
Youth Protection Alison King
Attendance Stewart Cummings
Club Service Marty Alsford
Programme Deb Pipe
Grants Lynda Hamilton
Webmaster Jessica Brodey
Social Media John Mowling
Newsletter John Cunningham
Public Officer David Elliott
Sergeant Jeff McEvoy
Publicity Lynda Hamilton
BBQ/Catering Graham Moody


Community Services

Committee Chair – Graham Moody
Committee Members:
Pat Chigwidden – Graham Ewens – Darryl Girdler – Andrew Robertson
David Jenkins – Ron Parker – Mark Shields – Maxine Timbs – Neville Willis


Committee Chair – Paul Freebairn
Committee Members:
Wayne Abbott – Graham Dean – Sue Ellers – Nick Hayles
Jim Luedi – Alan Roberts – John Wauchope

Youth Services

Committee Chair – John Swincer
Committee Members:
Stewart Cummings – John Cunningham – Malcolm Haythorpe
Julie Irwin – Alison King – Anthony Lang – Deane Michelmore
Allison Muir – David Taggart


Committee Chair – Leonie Cox
Committee Members:
Martin Jolly – Brian Liddy – Jeff McEvoy – Peter Morison – Helen Parsons

Mental Health

Committee Chair – TBC
Committee Members:
Mark Cox – Dwayne Cox – Moira Jenkins – Alison King
Harry Krebs – Vivek Pinto


Committee Chair – David Jenkins
Committee Members:
John Cunningham – Graham Ewens – Brian Liddy – Neville Willis

Image and Marketing

Committee Chair – John Mowling
Committee Members:
Jessica Brodey – Karen Green – Lynda Hamilton

Art Show

Committee Chair – Tim Shierlaw
Committee Members:
Lynda Hamilton (Secretary) – Tania Heaslip – Karen Green – John Mowling
Judith Phillips – Paul Taylor – Geoff Simpson (Treasurer) – Rob Williams

Sub Committees

Art Show Sub

Committee Chair – David Elliott
Committee Members:
Jessica Brodey – Mark Cox – Lynda Hamilton
Malcolm Haythorpe – Peter Morison

Major Projects

Committee Chair – Mal Menadue
Committee Members:
Marty Alsford – David Elliott – Graeme Ewens – David Jenkins
Lynda Hamilton – Mal Haythorpe – Andrew Robertson

Special Projects

Wishing Well – Jeff McEvoy
Christmas Pageant – Rob Williams
Walk The Yorke 2020 – Leonie Cox (Chair) – Marty Alsford – Neville Willis

Eight members of the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor who have each given over 25 years service to the club.
These eight dedicated members of the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor, have each given over 25 years service to our club. They were each presented with a Long Service Award at the Club’s 70th Anniversary celebrations in November 2017.